I have been seeing my chiropractor Dr. M since February 2021. It has already been a one and a half years as of today (July 2022). He is of Italian descent but was born and raised in Canada. Dr. M is an able and successful chiropractor, a family man, and a devout Roman Catholic. The back pain that regularly haunted me has gotten much better since he started treating me. I enjoy visiting his office not merely because his chiropractic treatments are helpful but also because I see that his attitude and perspective toward life and people are invigorating.

Dr. M loves what he does. He believes in the power of chiropractic adjustments, which I, too, have been experiencing myself. He has confidence in the philosophy of chiropractic medicine that human body is a complex and yet superbly crafted system that has an innate capacity to heal itself without a surgical intervention. It then leads him to be passionate about using his chiropractic expertise to help his suffering patients.

He seems to be genuinely interested in his patients. When you are being treated, he’ll also ask how you and your family are doing, if your work is okay, or if you’re going camping over the weekend. He’ll then remember what you say. He even occasionally asks me about my dissertation progress. He knows that I am writing about Romans. I know his son just gradated with an MA in music, and he knows that my daughter attends a US college.

He writes newsletters on a regular basis, approximately twice a month, I think. It’s not only delivered into my email inbox but also printed and placed on the shelf in the office so that people can pick it up and read. He talks about many different things there, i.e., his family time, his morning routine, the healthy diet he recommends, music, back pain, neck pain, his excitement about the assistant who is soon returning from her maternity leave, etc. His letters will energize you. I’ll just share a portion from the most recent newsletter:

There is power in sharing your story and health changes! My friend X’s story was so inspiring to me that I have signed up for a 30 day ‘cross fit’ challenge . . . I will let you know how it goes. My goal is to get stronger and have more energy so I can keep being a chiropractor for as long as possible.”

He doesn’t talk much about God. But I have no doubt that he loves God so much. That’s why he gets up very early every morning to read and reflect upon God’s Word before he begins his day. It is also amazing to see that his love for God is contagious. His workplace reflects it, and I believe that many (including myself) see and feel it.

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