Boccaccini, Paul’s Three Paths (2020)

Gabriele Boccaccini is a University of Michigan professor teaching Second Temple Judaism and early rabbinic literature. He's also a renowned Enoch specialist. I've been reading his 2020 book Paul's Three Paths to Salvation (Eerdmans). I am planning to write a (very) critical book review soon and have it published somewhere. Today's post only concerns a … Continue reading Boccaccini, Paul’s Three Paths (2020)

Three Perspectives on Paul’s Relationship to Judaism

The traditional view (Old Perspective) presents Paul as being in a hostile relation to Second Temple Judaism; according to the Old, the Apostle Paul left Judaism because Judaism was legalistic. So, in the Old Perspective, Judaism and Christianity parted ways and exist as distinct entities. The so-called New Perspective, too, pits Paul against Judaism, but … Continue reading Three Perspectives on Paul’s Relationship to Judaism