The So-Called “Theistic” Evolution (TE)

Francis Collins's book The Language of God (2007) is an interesting book in a few ways. First, the author Collins is a scientist (geneticist) claiming to have evidence for God. Second, he puts forward an all-encompassing view that attempts to reconcile evolution and creation. Although Collins tries to promote his newly coined term "BioLogos" (Collins … Continue reading The So-Called “Theistic” Evolution (TE)

They Shall Become One Flesh

There is nothing mysterious about parents-children relationships; they are blood-related. I've long been pondering, however, about the "absurdity" of the husband-wife relationship. Think about it. It is indeed a crazy notion; a man and a woman with no blood relationship solemnly enter a life-long covenant relationship with each other! We probably build hundreds of thousands … Continue reading They Shall Become One Flesh