Yesterday was a sad day. The sixty-seven-year-old former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faced a cruelly sudden death at the prime of his life; he was assassinated during his campaign speech yesterday (July 8, 2022). No one in the world but the forty-one-year-old assassin knew that such a violent death would soon consume one of the most influential statesmen in one of the wealthiest and most peaceful countries on earth. Death came so abruptly and Mr. Abe had to leave hurriedly.

Where would he be now? It is an absurdly stupid question to people like Richard Dawkins because it’s obvious to them: “He’s no more. Death ends it all. Mr. Abe has now ceased to exist.” Shintoism believers, Buddhists, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, etc. will have their own answers concerning the fate of Mr. Abe’s soul.

As for me, I do not know exactly where his soul is at the moment because I do not know whether he had a personal relationship with Lord Jesus. What I do know, however, is that, whether he’s ready or not, he has now finally met his Creator face to face.

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