I can hardly believe that it was already four years ago that I wrote this paper for one of my classes at McMaster Divinity College. Time indeed is fleeting.

I think you may find this unpublished paper helpful if you are interested in Russian Formalism. This work first puts forth a brief history around Russian Formalism. The discussion of its history is punctuated with presentations of some of the core tenets of this intellectual movement. The paper then offers a discussion regarding the influence that Russian Formalism has exerted on the history of literary criticism. This study concludes by summarizing the central arguments and proposing some implications of Russian Formalism for today’s biblical scholarship.

Click to read: https://www.academia.edu/41445184/Russian_Formalism_and_Its_Legacy

Yekaterininskiy Garden (Екатерининский сад), St. Petersburg, Russia, January 10, 2010

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