Peter from the Canadian Tire Auto Service finally phoned around 10 am and said my vehicle was not ready yet. That meant Lynn and I had to travel to Toronto by bus. I was preaching today; so, no matter what, I had to be at church. It was challenging. The bus from home to James Street didn’t show up when it was supposed to. There were many people waiting for a Toronto-bound GO bus because today was the final day of Toronto Pride 2022. Two GO buses ignored and passed us because they were already crowded. The subway ride from Union Station to the church was pleasant, but it was obvious that many of the passengers were going to the Parade. I ended up being late for 20 minutes for the service! But the congregation was patient and gracious. They decided to delay the beginning of the service about 15 minutes. They waited for me, singing and praying. When I arrived, they were finishing 花も (Flowers). I found the church’s bulletin in the lobby–this is the church whose building we’ve been renting. The bulletin, too, reflected what I saw when I was traveling to Toronto and to church today.

(Photo: A Toronto United Church’s Sunday Bulletin, Jun 26, 2022)

I preached from John 11:39-46 and proclaimed that our ultimate ending was not in death but for the glory of God. Jesus showed it by raising Lazarus from the dead.

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