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Second Temple Judaism Literature

Six groups: (1) the LXX; (2) the OT Apocrypha; (3) the OT Pseudepigrapha; (4) Philo; (5) Josephus; (6) the Dead Sea Scrolls (See Evans, Craig A. Ancient Texts for New Testament Studies: A Guide to the Background Literature. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2005: 1-3.);

According to genre (Blackwell et al. “Introduction” 25-27): (1) HISTORY (25) – e.g. 1 Macc, 2 Macc; (2) TALES (26) e.g. Tobit, Judith, Susanna, Letter. Aristeas; (3) “REWRITTEN SCRIPTURE” (26) e.g. Jubilee, Test. 12 Patr.; (4) APOCALYPSE (26): “consists of otherworldly visions given to a human recipient (seer) through a mediation of a supernatural, sometimes angelic being”; (5) POETRY (27); (6) “WISDOM LITERATURE” (27): “appeals to common experience in order to instruct people how to live virtuously”