Revelation was written around AD 95-96.

Revelation 2-3 actual letters from Jesus to actual 7 churches in Asia


  • praise – your hard work; your perseverance
  • rebuke – you forsook the love you had at first


  • praise – you endured persecution; you think you’re poor – but you’re in fact rich
  • 2:10 Be very faithful, even to the point of death–and I will give you life as a victor’s crown


  • praise – you remain true to my name
  • rebuke – but some of you followed Balaam’s way; Nicolatians—REPENT!


  • praise – your love, faith, perseverance
  • rebuke – you allowed Jezebel (female prophets); sexual immorality; idolatry


  • reputation for being alive
  • rebuke – but in fact you’re dead–WAKE UP!


  • praise – you kept my word; you didn’t deny my name; holding the key of David


  • rebuke – neither cold nor hot
  • 3:20 I stand at the door

Revelation 4-22: ostensibly the church may appear to be under distress and Satan prevails. But Jesus (King of kings and Lord of Lords, Rev 19:16) will bring them to an end and usher in a “new heaven and a new earth” (21:1). And there God will reign for ever and ever.