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What is my goal?

  • as a scholar – deepen and defend the gospel
  • as a pastor – preach and teach the gospel

What can the reader/visitor get and learn from this website?

  • learn about the gospel
  • discern false gospel teachings
  • learn how to apply the gospel

Good WordPress themes

  • Ixion
  • Penscratch 2
  • Libretto

What if I write a book review per every month? 1 year = 12 book reviews; 10 years = 120 book reviews. When doing book reviews, how about focusing on my own expertise area (Pauline gospel; Greek linguistics; Japan missions)?

한근태: 우연한 기회에 SERI CEO에서 북리뷰를 맡았는데 20년간 300권 이상의 책을 소개했다. 그리고 이 자료를 모아 <잠자기 전 10분이 나의 내일을 결정한다>라는 책도 냈다.