Paul wrote 1 Corinthians while he was in Ephesus in AD 55.

Corinth was a thriving city, but it had many problems such as “sexual immorality, religious diversity, and corruption” (ESV). The church in Corinth too had several practical issues:

  • division
  • sexual immorality (incest)
  • lawsuit among believers
  • marriage issues
  • food offered to idols and use/abuse of Christian freedom
  • idolatry
  • head-covering
  • abuse of the Lord’s Supper
  • spiritual gifts
  • speaking in tongues and prophesying
  • resurrection debates

(ESV) Paul urges the Corinthian believers to be united and give themselves fully to the work of the Lord (15:58).

1 Cor 1-4 (Division)

Ch 1: Division (because you pursue human wisdom); but the cross is the power of God (18); no boasting; boast in the Lord (Jer 9:24) / Ch 2: know nothing except Christ and him crucified (2); the cross is the wisdom of God through the Spirit; we have the mind of Christ (16) / Ch 3: There still is division, jealousy: so you’re still worldly and immature; YOU = God’s temple; worldly wisdom = foolishness / Ch 4: Don’t be arrogant; we are fools for Christ; we work hard; hungry and beaten; I became your father–imitate me.

1 Cor 5 (Incest)

You should’ve mourned about it; cut fellowship and hand him over to Satan; a little yeast can destroy things; do not fellowship with them

1 Cor 6 (Lawsuit among believers)

Wrongdoers have no inheritance; YOUR BODIES = the temple (do not commit sexual immorality); sexual sins = sinning against your own body

1 Cor 7 (Marriage)

Do your mutual (sexual) duty (1-7); do not divorce–but if the unbelieving spouse leaves, let it be so; circumcision and uncircumcision are nothing; remain in your current situation

1 Cor 8 (Idol food)

Some have knowledge that (1) idols are nothing (2) there is but one God; these people are free, but some people do not have such knowledge; therefore, be careful for those weak people

1 Cor 9 (Apostle’s right)

In that sense (ch 8), don’t we have the right? But we didn’t use it. I am a slave to everyone (19); running, training, getting a prize; SELF-DISCIPLINE: I strike a blow to my body

1 Cor 10 (Idolatry)

examples and warnings; drink or eat, do it to the glory of God (31): the chief end of man

1 Cor 11 (Head Covering; the Lord’s Supper)

men and women are equal (11-12)

1 Cor 12 (Spiritual gifts)

the same Spirit, the same Lord, the same God (14)

1 Cor 13 (Love)

1 Cor 14 (Tongue and Prophecy)

Prophecy is better for edifying the church; good order in worship (26-39); women must be silent in church (34-35)

1 Cor 15 (Resurrection)

Two false claims: (1) there is no resurrection of the dead; (2) what kind of resurrection body will we get?; Jesus appeared to Cephas > to the 12 disciples > to more than 500 brothers and sisters > to James > to the apostles > to me (Paul): by the grace of God I am what I am (10)

1 Cor 16 (Collection, Greetings)